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Christmas Gift Idea – Paper Wreath

October 10th, 2013 , 3 Comments »

Stampin Up Desigher Paper Wreath Winter Frost Designer Paper Holiday Catalog

Simply Beautiful

Hello friends. . .  are you having a good day.  I sure hope so.  It is a little chilly here but the sun is shining and guess what we have a ball game today.  Yippie!!!  Today I have something very special to share.  It is another gift idea and most likely if you are a surfer of the net like I am this has been the latest rage out there.  Don't say "Oh No I Can't Do This" becasue Yes You Can.  LOL  Here is how it's done.

Get yourself a 10 or 12" foam wreath at a big box store.  Choose 5 to 6 pretty sheets of 12 x 12 designer paper.  I choose the new Winter Frost #132341 from our Holiday Catalog.  TIP:  Be sure when you choose your papers that you have contrast with light and darks.  This will make your project pop.  Get your trimmer out, I used our Stampin' Trimmer #126889.  It's a great trimmer,  The great thing about it, it has a large enough surface to cut your card without pulling out the extension.  So happy!!  Next cut your paper into 1/2" strips.  Six sheets of paper makes a lot of 1/2" strips.  Take your bone folder and curl your strips.  I curled half of each end one side at a time.  Some of the paper has foil in it and it doesn't curl as tightly as you want it to.  So wrap it around your finger and form circles.  Works beautifully. Remember you want curls but loose curls so it looks like ribbon on your wreath.  Randomly attach these curls by using a long straight pen. Attach them close together, you don't want any foam showing but don't stress you can always go back and insert more strips where you think it needs to be fluffier.  Is this a word?  I'm going with it anyway.  Oh I need to mention I did tie a piece of pretty ribbon NSU at the top of my wreath and hide the ends when I attached my curls with straight pens. I think that's it, it is really easy to do, takes about 2 1/2 hours start to finish and looks very pretty when your done.  I would take care in storing it, after all it is paper.

Stampin Up Designer Paper Wreath Winter Frost Designer Paper Holiday Catalog


This is what they should look like.  These are just
a few, you will have many many more.

Thanks for stopping by, take care folks, until next time.  Click on the link below and feel free to do all your shopping in my On Line Store.  Toodles


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